A couple of my Summer favorites. Since the Manhattan and Mint Julep are covered I will add something a little different.

My Own Recipe: Bastardized from a restaurant that I frequent. (They used Hendricks Gin instead of the La Poire and serve as a Martini not a highball. It was a little too sweet for me and I drank them too quick so I kind of adapted it into this. You can also remove the soda water and mix this as a Martini with good results.

-Fill Highball Glass with ice
-3oz Grey Goose La Poire (or any Pear Vodka)
-1oz St Germain
-Fill remaining space or to your liking with soda water add 2 lime wedges or a wedge of pear, if available, and enjoy the light and sweet goodness you have before you.

Perfect Margarita
-3oz Don Julio anejo
-.75oz Gran Marnier or St Germaine (2 very different flavors both with excellent results)
-Squeeze in 1/3 of a lime drop in shaker with ice
-Serve in cocktail glass over ice.