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That's a stout margarita! I prefer the same amount of limes to tequila. For 3 oz I would do 2.5-3 limes, juiced. Not persian limes, but mexican key limes, which are smaller, thinner skinned, and taste totally different.

I get them at my local Mercado.
It is stout but, man is it good. I had a buddy say the same thing. I told him "Hey you know me I'm f-ed up". Most people don't enjoy the taste of alcohol and add things like daquiri and margarita mix to mask or hide the taste of the alcohol. Where as I enjoy the taste and look for things to compliment the flavor of the alcohol not to hide it.

BTW I have implemented a 3 drink cap on these. Not many good things happen after 10oz of Tequila, trust me on that. :-)

I hear you on the limes. They make all the difference. Whenever I go to FL or down south the limes there are so much better I wish we could get the good stuff up here but, it is all the cheap imports and greenhouse variety. But, I know what you are talking about and those set the drink on another level.