Iím a big fan of this stuff, and think its great bourbon for the price. I have had the 2001 and 2002 vintages and I have a couple of bottles of the 2000 vintage in my bunker that Iíll get around to at some point. I also saw a couple of 1997 vintage bottles sitting in a store that I may try to snag if they are still there next time Iím in the area.

At any rate, like I said I really like this stuff. One of my favorite bourbons is the standard Four Roses Single Barrel and this might be kind of an odd comparison, but I found that the 2001 bottle of ESWB (barrel 368 if anyone cares) that I had tasted similar to FRSB with some minor differences. I actually had them one after the other multiple times just to confirm, and I guess thatís how that bottle of 2001 liked to roll...at least for my palette.