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    The Dimple Pinch 15yr

    My grandfather gave me an unopened bottle of this as he can no longer drink alcohol. I gratefully accepted it despite being far more partial to single malts, Islay's in particular. I've had the bottle for months but just now decided to open it and give it a whirl (I have no idea how old this bottle is).

    When it comes to blended scotch whiskies I tend to prefer Johnnie Walker Black or Green. So this Pinch is uncharted territory for me having never tried it. The bottle is very unique and, dare I say, even cool. The juice inside is 43%ABV/86 proof.

    At first whiff I get lots of caramel. Also a little bit of vanilla and even slight smoke. Tasting it neat, it reminds me a lot of Dewar's White Label if slightly smoother. With a few drops of water it opens up a bit and is certainly softer but still rather one dimensional. Overall I would say that for a blended scotch whisky, it isn't bad at all. I'm not sure I would buy a bottle of it now having tried it. But I was afraid it would be a lot worse, to be honest. In the end I thank my grandfather for thinking of me in gifting me the bottle.

    Anyone else tried this particular blended scotch? Thoughts?

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    Cool Re: The Dimple Pinch 15yr

    I haven't drank that sort of thing in years, but I have fond memories of the Pinch 12-year old of a few decades ago. It was certainly much better than most, and it had a solid reputation.

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    I've gone through a couple bottles before but primarily for mixing purposes. It's not something I would typically reach for to drink neat. It's not bad whisky....but not great either.

    I'd put it in the same league as JW Black.

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