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    Beer Glass Climatization

    I have been doing the norm of having a glass of beer at Room temp. I later started an experimentation of beer glass climatization. Meaning.. If the beer is served at 44 degrees Fahrenheit, should not the glass be served at the same temp? instead of room temp?
    What are your thoughts?
    Where this comes from is since we serve bourbon at room temp, scotch at room temp, why not beer at it's climatized temp?
    ...I ask sincerely from all of my friends to do an experiment and post it here.
    1 beer in a room temp glass
    the same beer in a chilled glass
    the same beer in a glass at proper serving temp, along with the beer. example if you are drinking a guiness at 48 degrees, have your glass at 48 degrees. ask your beer rep what is the proper temp for serving their beer and match your glass to it.
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    Re: Beer Glass Climatization

    I don't have access to that level of temperature control, but it makes sense in concept. I like a warm glass to bring the temperature of a too-cold beer up to its more-or-less proper temperature.

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    Re: Beer Glass Climatization

    I just use a glass at room temp, beer out of the fridge, I let beer sit for about 5-10 mins. pour. Craft Beer is at it's best at room temp, the nose is fuller.




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