I am a bit surprised this isn't already a thread. So here it goes.

This thread is for anyone out there who collects, tastes, mixes, drinks the "other brown liquid" Rum or Rhum.

Before I started collecting Bourbon I was collecting Rum. Rum is different in so many ways. However, it shares a commonality with bourbon when it is aged. Sadly, the Angels are mighty greedy with Rum and they take 15% of the alcohol a year. Which makes you wonder how on Earth can they make 30 year rum? The Solera method. They will take a barrel that has been aging a few years and add some more new make. They'll also add in some older aging rum. Then they will take that barrel and move it somewhere else to age. They keep doing this for many, many, many years until they have a barrel that has been around for 30 years. It most likely has SOME 30 year rum in it....but not much.

Mocambo 20 yr Single Barrel is one such beast that shares a lot in common with bourbon. In fact, it tastes a lot like bourbon.

Here is my current Rum collection that I have been neglecting:
  • Ron Matuaelem Platino (White Rum)
  • Ron Metusalem Gran Reserve 18yr (the absolute best in my collection. These are no longer produced so if you find one...get it.)
  • Ron Zacapa 23yr (awesome stuff!)
  • Mount Gay Extra Old (Awesome everyday pour, neat or mixed)
  • Mount Gay 1703 30yr (not worth the price of admission )
  • Barbancourt Reserve Specialle Rhum 8yr (not as good as I would have expected)
  • Appleton Estate 12yr (good stuff)
  • Flora De Caña 12yr (tastes like scope mouthwash)
  • Bacardi 151 (Standard munition. Gotta kill the zombies somehow )
  • Bacardi Superior (standard mixer)
  • Blackheart Spiced Rum (a gift. Has a nice sexy pirate on it!)
  • Myer's Rum (Dark Rum. Standard mixer)
  • Old Monk 9yr (Tastes like they dumped an entire barrel of vanilla and caramel flavoring in this. It comes from India of all places...i guess that's how they do it there.)
  • Mocambo 20yr Single Barrel (good stuff. Artsy bottle.)
  • Oronoco (White rum. Overly priced vanilla flavored vodka )
I need to bunker another RM 18yr, RZ 23yr and then there is a tasty looking V.S.O.P. Rhum that I can get my grubby little hands on.

Anybody else collect Rum?