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I'd love to find a mini-pack around here. Love the ED 12 and 15 I have. Finally found a source for the 3 locally. I'm a big fan. Around here, the 15 is the easiest to find of them all.

Any tiki fans on the forum? The amount of rum I own and consume has grown by leaps and bounds since getting Beachbum Berry Remixed last year for Christmas (along with a tiki bowl and tiki mugs).
I have been known to do a little tiki now and the and Beachbum Berry Remixed is pretty much the new tiki bible.

I have to agree those prices for El Dorado are scary! Here the 12 is $21.99 and the 15 is $29.99 on the shelf today. The 21 is harder to find but is probably under $80.