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On the subject of mingling bourbon and ED 12 rum: some successes, some failures. As I mentioned earlier, Old HH 8/86 was a success. WTRB was not. It really brings out the bitterness on the finish.

The surprise winner was Jefferson's 10 year rye (the newer, non-Canadian). Wowza! at about 2:1 rye to rum this is killer. I think the rum balances out the all-rye mash perfectly. I also tried it with some Willett 5 year (LDI) rye and it was good but need more oak. I'm tempted to buy another bottle of Jefferson's and vat the whole thing, it's that good.
Me too...except it will be my first buy of Jefferson's rye . And I've never found WT products to be able to mingle well with anything, even water...just always makes it more bitter. Though, wait a minute, Vermouth and bitters...WT does make a good Manhattan. Thanks for sharing Brisko.

And another thing on WT...as I have just sipped on some Kentucky Spirit and 101 (no Rare Breed currently open). Though it does not match the full on rum taste in some dusties, it still does have some rummy traces, more so than other modern bourbons and maybe that sabotages the ED mingling too.