The return of Pirates and Rum, 21st century style!

David D. was recently waxing poetical on his Spirits Journal forum about pirates and rum but it seems not all is copacetic in the balmy Cribbean, at least when it comes to rum!

It seems the pirates now wear business suits and there is an all out "rum war" on between Puerto Rico and USVI to gain favor with the three of the biggest producers and now smaller rum producers in other parts of the Caribbean are starting to get concerned it could squeeze a lot of them (like Mount Gay, Seales, Appleton, Wray & Nephews, Sangster, Myers, Barbancourt, Brugal, Barcelo, Ron Matusalem, Flor de Cana, Demeraran Distillers Ltd. who make El Dorado) out of business.

That would be a sad thing indeed. Might have to stock up on some of my favorites just in case!