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As am I! Plan to crack one tonight. The previous tasting I had of it was spectacular but that bottle had been open awhile and was a different barrel of course. These are single barrel so I suppose some variation is to be expected.
Had a chance to open one fo the bottles of Clement Single Cask. I have bottles from two different barrels (although surprisingly the proof is identical which was a little surprising for a single cask orffering that is presumably unfiltered and uncut). Sometimes I put a high expectation on a bottle based on a previous tasting. That can be particularly dangerous with a single cask offering when drinking from a different cask.

Fortunately this one did not disappoint! Light, dry and almost whiskey like in nature which is what I remembered. Only the nose and a touch of a vegetal component give away its origin as a fresh sugar cane juice distillate. It has a pleasant nutty component and a long dry finish with just a hint of caramel in the background.

I will be curious to see if and how it opens up over time now that it has been opened. Will likely try a drop or two of water as well to see what the effect is.