A couple of new rums landed today. I stumbled across the Renegade series on a long since forgotten blog post and have been curious about them for awhile. They tend to be pricey and get mixed reviews becasue they often aren't quite what people are expecting. But I can't seem to resist trying experiments like these and so recently took the plunge! Hopefully these rums were shipped to Scotland before the local producer could do much damage to it and allowed it to retain some of its true flavor. Reportedly they are unchill filtered. It is a bit unclear to me how long they spent in the Caribbean and how long they spent in Scotland as well as how long they spent in the final finishing wine cask. Some are described as very whisky-ish in nature which is most definitely a good thing!

Renegade 1.JPG

First of these two is a Grenada rum from Westerhall aged 11 years and then finished in Haut Brion casks at Brichladdich. I first had Westerhall rum probably over a decade ago but the standard tourist bottling is a light rum probably imported from Trinidad and aged but not made on Grenada. This Renegade rum claims to be from the old pot stills at the distillery in Grenada and so hopefully has a bit more character. One reviewer has described it as being a bit like a dry rye. Sounds fun!

Renegade 3.JPG

The second is a 16yo rum from Angostura in Trinidad which makes their own brands as well as Zaya (or at least some of it?) among others. This had a decent amount of age on it and hopefully had not been messed with prior to being acquired by Renegade (Murray McDavid) and shipped off to Islay where it was finished for a period of time (a few months perhaps?) in Chateau Lafite cask.

Renegade 2.JPG

Probably won't open these up until I can gather at least a couple of like minded friends for a little tasting and with the holiday this week that may mean next week sometime. if I can resist that long!

If anybody knows of a decent link for more information about these specific rums or this series in general I would welcome the info!