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Came across a Plantation Grenada 1998 today. The only ones I usually see are the Barbados 5yr and the Jamaica. Decided to bring it home without knowing much about it, but figured I might not see it again and at worst I'll use it for cocktails.
If it is anything like the bottles I have then it is spectacular! So much so that I buy more when I see it!

From a while back.


First few bottles I saw said cask 9 of 10. But a more recent bottle said cask X of 15. Makes me wonder if they have released more or perhaps added five more barrels recently. I suppose I need to try one of the 10's versus the 15's.

I added 2 more from my trip out to the Left Coast over Thanksgiving.

Clement 6yo and 10yo from the Grand Reserve series in recognition of Clement's 125th Anniversary.


Should be interesting up against the Single Cask Clements which are nearly 10yo themselves.