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Thanks for all the info, guys. Like bourbon and single malts, it's somewhat of a steep learning curve when you first stick your toe in the water. I can get the 5 Star 8YO for $20, while the 15YO Estate Reserve is $40. I think I might try the 5 Star first but know in my heart that I'll be buying the 15 ER before too long. The El Dorado 12 is $25 and the 15 YO was about $10-$12 more. I'm assuming it's better to shell out the extra dough? I did come across a few different products from Clement at various price points. Any recommendations on one to start with? Finally, the Matusalem Gran Reserva is priced around $20 but I'm not hearing much love for it here. Thanks again.
Because of the extraodinary and unique still capability at DDL (El Dorado) it is worth noting that the 15 is not just the 12 with 3 more years. El Dorado is made from a blend of several different and very unusual ancient stills including possibly the only commercial (and maybe only) wooden pot and coffey stills in the world still actively distilling. So it is worth trying the 12 and the 15 (and the 21 as well! The 25, while superb, is a fairly pricey unicorn-ish rum that is rarely seen out in the wild).

So yes, once the hook is set you will likely be shelling out more dough!

Hard to say with the Clements of what is readily available. If you want to take a chance I would suggest the Grande Reserve 6 and 10 yo. $50 and $70 respectively at Hi Time Wine. I have both and they are quite nice!