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    Re: Rum Forum

    Quote Originally Posted by Trey Manthey View Post
    I have been enjoying the Clement line of rhum agricole in a "critical" manner lately. After discovering the Barrel Select at Tales of the Cocktail, I picked up the 6 and 10 year. I have to adjust my expectations when sipping them, as it's so different from whiskey, and I should not taste for things that only whiskey can deliver. However, it's a nice change of pace, and has deepened my interest in the category.
    The Clement that gets closest to a whiskey like rum (maybe more so than any other rum) is the Clement Single Cask (which I was delighted to be introduced to by Sailor22). As the name suggests this is from a single cask that is generally 7 to 9yo which is likely a good deal older than the Clement Select Barrel which is 3+ years old and only 80 proof (the Single Cask is 93.6 proof). The Single Cask was available only outside the US in the past (it comes in the dreaded 500ml) but it has been rumored that it will be brought to the US in limited quantities in a 375ml. I have yet to see it in Atlanta (or anywhere else so far) but I keep banging on people for information about it.

    Admittedly the Single Cask is likely to be significantly more costly than the Select Barrel. Then again, as good as the Select Barrel is, I find the Single Cask to be considerably better. I like the 6 and 10yo Grande Reserve too but the Single Cask is still the best to me.

    I have since acquired a handful of bottles from overseas but would love to be able to buy it locally so if you see it please let me know! NOLA might be the kind of market where it would show up with its French and Caribbean roots.
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    Re: Rum Forum

    Grand opening last night of a neighbors rum bar.

    They took a old shed in the back yard and converted it to a nice little watering hole to hang out at.

    Brought over some Pyrat 1623 for him to taste and drank some of his ED 12yr. Fun night with the neighborhood crew.

    Left the Pyrat for him to enjoy, and for me to have a nip when walking the dog.


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    Re: Rum Forum

    Went to a Lost Spirits tasting at a liquor store yesterday. The distiller gave a talk about the process and the chemistry and all that. We tasted the Navy Strength, Polynesian, and Cuban rums. No detailed notes, sorry, but I walked out with a bottle of the Navy Strength. The Cuban at 151 was indeed 151 and the distiller said the Polynesian was really more suited to cocktails which I enjoy drinking but don't make very often. The Navy Strength was very sippable and will stand up for itself in any cocktail. It was a fun afternoon and I'm happy supporting a kinda local guy doing interesting things.



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