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    Re: Rum Forum

    Just opened Revelation Rum, Batch 2 (99 proof). Poured into a glencairn and sampled after 5 minutes, because it's been a long damn week and I need a drink.

    Appearance: Normally I don't give a crap, but this is lighter than a lot of aged rums. Certainly lighter than the last bottle of El Dorado 15 I had . . . wonder why . . . I'd say 2nd or 3rd fill sherry in color. Maybe a fairly active bourbon cask scotch.

    Nose: Coconut, bananas, and pineapple. Maybe a touch grainy smelling. A bit of tingly varnish/permanent marker smell, which I happen to like. Some butterscotch, maybe vanilla with a hint of cinnamon. Decent oak. While it's obviously rum, it smells a bit like a lowlander and a bit like the oaky elements of apple brandy.

    Taste: Similar to the nose, but less sweet. Definitely has some oak elements in common with aged apple brandy here. The extra proof helps the mouthfeel quite a bit. While not quite as oily as some single malts, it's got some good presence. Finish is back to the pina colada mix with a pleasant bit of heat from the alcohol. Nice cinnamon red hots fading back into tropical fruits.

    I could see myself drinking this regularly, especially as a change up from bourbon and scotch. It's not as complex as a lot of single malts, but it is very easy drinking and has a nice range of smells and flavors that I happen to like quite a bit. This is much less sweet than the aged rums I have tried, and I like that A LOT. I think I'll pour another and let it sit for half an hour or so, see what happens. Really pleased with my purchase. Glad I poked in on this thread. Looks like I have another brown spirit to add into my change up rotation.
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    Re: Rum Forum

    Anyone else from this board heading down to Miami for the Rum Fest?


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    Re: Rum Forum

    Quote Originally Posted by sailor22 View Post
    Anyone else from this board heading down to Miami for the Rum Fest?

    Would love to but have a work trip at that same time. If you are going let us know if there is anything of note!
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