OK, silly chaps, there is a rule that you should never let a traveling salesman into your house, because if you do, he will mark your curb and all the other traveling salesmen will come a knockin'.

Since you were so responsive to my last post about tasting, here is another.

I have not tried very many bourbons that you guys talk about here. As I mentioned in my last post Makers Mark Red and Wild Turkey 101 are what I have at my house.

What I want is a list of 5 (do not name thee 4, neither name thee 6, 7 is right out. And the number 5, the fifth number being bereached...) bourbon / ryes to try.

Here is the deal though. I will buy these whiskeys in 375ml at a liquor store. I have to ease Mrs. TexasPride into understanding the benefit of having a lot of whiskey around the house.

but hon, whiskey does not go bad. I will buy this much and it will be around until I drink it all... I love you...
Keeping that in mind, help me out with 5 to start with. And don't go all Pappy 23 on me either. I am living on somewhat of a budget...

Thanks folks.