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    Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve reservations

    The Rum Howler has posted that reservations are being taken for

    "The reservation opportunity for numbered bottles began on May 7,
    and will continue only until 5:00 p.m. on June 7, 2012. As always, the
    reserved bottles must be purchased and picked up at the Forty Creek
    Distillery in Grimsby, Ontario, on the scheduled release day for the
    whisky in September."

    Any Canadian members who are interested might wanna act fast.
    John Q.
    Tennessee Squire
    Quote Originally Posted by ggilbertva
    It won't be any cheaper than it is today.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan
    Someone will pay it. Someone always pays it.

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    Re: Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve reservations

    The balance of the stock (i.e. the bottles that were not reserved online) will be arriving in stores within a couple of weeks and will most likely disappear before the new year.
    $70 here in Ontario



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