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El Cheapo Brinkman, WSM(18) x2 and WSM 22. I love my briskett and chicken with heavy mesquite, pork with applewood but never have used that for a competition. Cherry with Beef and chicken, peach and pecan for pork in competition.
Briskett starts on the 22 and butts on the 18 for 6-8 hours. At the turn Brisket gets moved to the 18 and ribs go on the 22, ECB for chicken. We use a rub... Anita's Hot and twek it a little.

Scott, the other half of our team is in Cleveland, do you compete in the area?
I don't compete...it sounds like a great gig but I don't think I have the chops yet. I cant think of any competitions in my area, but I would have to look for them.