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    New from Philly area

    Hi all!

    I'm a newer Bourbon drinker from the Philly Area.

    The crown jewel of my collection is a 20 year old Pappy Van Winkle I recently split with a very good friend. When we had it, we loved it but I also felt like I should try more bourbons to have something to compare with and to appreciate it better. I had some other good bottles, but have since bought more and am saving the PVW. Right now here's the collection:
    • 17 yo Vintage Bourbon (2011)
    • ER10
    • OWA 107
    • Weller 12
    • EC12
    • EWSB (2002)
    • EW1783
    • MM
    Looking for other suggestions of good bourbons available to Yankees and stores I should check out near the Philly, South Jersey, and Northern Maryland.

    I've seen some Pappy, Jefferson PR18, ER17, some BT Antique, and others around. But I'd like some more suggestions on value pours and other normal pours people enjoy in the $30 or less spectrum.

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