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    Re: Memories of Tim Sousley

    I didn't know Tim other than through through this site. He sent me a few PM's about bourbon I should try and what he thought I might like when I was a new comer to bourbon. He was a big help in getting me started on my bourbon journey.

    The way the members of this site speak of Tim, and the fact that he is remembered on this unhappy anniversary is testament to the quality of the man and the members of SB.com.

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    Re: Memories of Tim Sousley

    I too have many memories of Tim and some are downright hilarious. But when Tim got interested in something, he didn't put his toe in the water, he went all in. And that's what he did with his bourbon hobby. Living on a school teacher's salary, Tim acquired quite the collection including some fine old SW bottles.......and he never hesitated to share them with everyone! He came to visit me in Houston in the summer of 2005. He was feeling a little down and just needed a short get away. We had a blast hanging out with my local bourbon posse seen in the pic. Of course, Tim is on the far right. Tim also enjoyed fine wines and that's what we're drinking in the photo while holding some BTEC's we opened later in the evening. He is missed for sure.
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