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There are diluted whiskeys (and other spirits) on the state list here in Michigan. Most of them are under the Deuces Wild label. They have bourbon, gin, vodka, brandy, the whole nine yards. All diluted. I've never seen them on any shelf, but they are on the list. It's not a new thing and there is a market for it. I think it is mostly the brown bag set.
In Ohio, it's an hours thing. Especially back when the state stores were truly state stores and run by the state, they were basically open 9-5 six days a week. If you wanted whiskey and missed that window, you went to Krogers and bought the diluted stuff.

The genuine benefit of the Ohio system, which is really the most sensible way to do it, it that low proof distilled spirits products, such as liqueurs like Baileys, and RTDs of all sorts, could be sold in the same places, and during the same hours, as the products (beer, wine) against which they naturally compete. If every state followed Ohio's lead, we wouldn't have flavored malt beverages like Smirnoff Ice.