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Thread: Bacon and eggs

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    Bacon and eggs

    What do you do when it's single digits outside and you have nothing to do all day? I like to sleep in and then fire up the cast iron skillet!

    Start with a 3x3 bacon weave, using thick-cut Wright brand hickory smoked bacon

    Apply bacon press and a little heat

    After flipping a few times, it looks done

    Remove from pan and let it drain a little for crispness

    Bacon grease is great for frying a couple eggs

    Flip the eggs

    Plate, season to taste, and enjoy! (Next time I'm going to put cheese between the bacon and egg)

    Here's how my pan looks after frying just bacon

    I like to use a stainless steel spatula and scrape up the brown stuff

    I remove it, let it drain/dry a little so it gets crunchy, and eat it. I call it bacon cracklins, and they taste like bacon concentrate.

    What does any of this have to do with bourbon? I bet Squire knows. While I was preparing the food, I was enjoying coffee with some EW BIB in it, of course!

    I hate scotch.

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    Re: Bacon and eggs

    Nice, now if you just had some grits to go with it.

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    Re: Bacon and eggs

    Nice, but I was thinking fried potatoes.



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