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    Oxtail and Bourbon stew

    This is a variant of a simple Spanish recipe but substitutes a moderate amount of brandy for a generous amount of bourbon, this is a very old and masculine recipe:

    Flour and brown 2lbs of oxtail pieces in plenty of olive oil

    In a seperate large cast iron pot saute a 6 large cloves of chopped garlic (yep 6), 3 large chopped carrots, 1 large chopped onion and a large chopped leek, brown well

    To this add a pint glass of liquid (about 20oz) , half filled with bourbon and half with a dry red wine, simmer intensely for 5 minutes

    Next add a pint of warmed and heavily reduced beef stock, if you dont make your own get good store bought one and reduce it with a few beef bones

    Add browned oxtail, cover and reduce to a simmer on a very low heat for 2 hours

    After 2 hours remove the oxtail and blitz the sauce with a stick blender untill smooth, add oxtail back in and
    simmer on a very low heat for a further 2 hours or untill very tender

    The sauce should be heavily reduced and almost black
    Serve with steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes or pasta, whatever you feel like.

    Note the recipe doesnt call for additional seasoning or herbs, it relies on the base ingredients to bring everything to the party, the elegence of this dish comes from its simplicity
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