Made a great bourbon bacon barbecue sauce today using this recipe. Some nice double-smoked bacon from Wisconsin and EC 12 for the bourbon. Our knives are ridiculously dull, so I ended up using a stick blender to puree the chunks of bacon and onion when it was done.

I'll be firing up the BGE at sundown tomorrow night to start a 10-pound beef brisket -- hopefully the remote thermometer won't hit me with any warnings overnight. Late in the morning Saturday three racks of St. Louis cut ribs will join the brisket and ultimately get a sauce glaze (I serve the brisket without sauce -- folks can add it if they must). Then in the early afternoon I'll fire up a Weber, get the Smokenator going and smoke up five pounds of wings. Other Webers will be put to use in the late afternoon for burgers, beer brats, hot dogs, shrimp, portabellos, vegi burgers...we love cooking up a storm for our annual Summer Solstice BBQ.