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@josh, I have heard a lot about the tri-tips, but I have yet to see one. I don't go to a lot of stores, but I do go to a fairly "high end" store. Maybe I should ask them about it again.

As Dusty said in a previous post, tri-tips are a Cali thing. They smoke and grill them out there like they are going out of style. I had the same problem with locating tri-tip in Michigan. The one place I could find it, it cost $8 per pound. I love tri-tip but not at $8 per pound. A year ago, I got a membership to Costco and they had tri-tip at $5 per pound. I bought a case. When I got it home, I vacuum sealed one or two tri-tips per package and put them in the freezer. One of my best buys ever. My kids devour tri-tip. It's easy for them to cut and there is next to no fat for them to cut around. Best of all, it has a great beef flavor whether you grill or smoke it.