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    Re: What are you cookin on the smoker?

    Quote Originally Posted by ratcheer View Post
    @josh, I have heard a lot about the tri-tips, but I have yet to see one. I don't go to a lot of stores, but I do go to a fairly "high end" store. Maybe I should ask them about it again.

    As Dusty said in a previous post, tri-tips are a Cali thing. They smoke and grill them out there like they are going out of style. I had the same problem with locating tri-tip in Michigan. The one place I could find it, it cost $8 per pound. I love tri-tip but not at $8 per pound. A year ago, I got a membership to Costco and they had tri-tip at $5 per pound. I bought a case. When I got it home, I vacuum sealed one or two tri-tips per package and put them in the freezer. One of my best buys ever. My kids devour tri-tip. It's easy for them to cut and there is next to no fat for them to cut around. Best of all, it has a great beef flavor whether you grill or smoke it.

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    Re: What are you cookin on the smoker?

    My local butcher sells tri-tips, and he marinates them in a "black nugget" marinade. I sear them on my grill (4-5 min. on each side), and then toss it on the other side of the grill away from the flame for about 20 min. This is a great tasting piece of meat. I never thought to try it on my smoker though. Thanks for the idea!

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    Re: What are you cookin on the smoker?

    Two turkeys, one from yesterday turned out great and one smoking now in the Camp Chef Vault.

    I did use a marinade, then injection and finally on the Camp Chef roaster while smoking to get internal to 145C. At the party, a final 45 min at 400C with skin buttered to heat and crisp before serving.

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    Re: What are you cookin on the smoker?

    Did the thanksgiving turkey in the smoker as usual. Brined it for about 12 hours first. Also did a bacon explosion in the smoker.

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    Re: What are you cookin on the smoker?

    We salted ("dry brined") our 14-pound fresh bird and then smoke roasted it on the BGE with pecan wood during our Saturday T-giving celebration. Also did a five-pound beef tenderloin on the Weber kettle with rotisserie. Both turned out great. Much better grilling weather in the Chicago area then if we'd had the family over on the actual holiday.
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