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Pulled the egg out this weekend for some ribs. 2 Slabs of Baby Backs (vacuum packed ones from Costco, so convenient-pre prepped, no membrane, just open, rinse and rub), put the extra slab in the freezer for a later date. Cut each slab in half to make the positioning on the egg easier. 225 degrees for the first 3 hours and about 250 for the last 2.5. Local grocery store had Jack Daniels Barrel Chunks on close out, so bought a bag to try them out. Got a grooved Sinatra barrel chunck in my bag, definitely tossed that one in the fire because it was special .

Used Strickland's Pork rub on one slab and Butt Rub on the other. Served one half of each dry and the other halves got sauced and put back on the egg for 15 minutes.

Ribs turned out nice, the Jack Daniel's chunks did all right, but in my opinion didn't really add anything special to the process. Probably why they were on closeout.
I buy the same ribs from Costco but cook all three racks at once since my family seems to inhale them. I use an offset barrel smoker and use a mostly apple wood with a little hickory. I make my own basic rub an usually two sauces with one being a mustard/vinegar base. If anyone has a good bourbon based sauce I'd like to try one this weekend.

My favorite is smoking a packer brisket of 14-16lbs, yummy, nothing beats it! It feeds an army