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    Re: "Whiskey Made in Fort Worth Sells Fast"

    It's interesting when you think about how far we are down this micro-distillery road, how few people are even attempting to make what most bourbon drinkers (and makers) would regard as fully-aged bourbon. Think about some of the people who have been around four or five years or more, who could now be selling a four-year-old bourbon or rye if they chose to, but few have so chosen.

    Most would rather just talk about it and play make believe.

    Dan is one of the very, very, few who is doing it. He has done nothing from day one except fill his pipeline with bourbon. He is also a great case in point for why so few do. I urge anyone who can to get thee out to Hye. It's a great experience and, in so many ways, a model for what a micro-distillery should be.
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