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Wow my IPad sent my previous post on its own. Anyway Colonel Lee ... From Total Wine and is a Barton product. 8yrs old and very tasty. Me, being new to bourbon take that what it's worth. No real mention of this brand anywhere here.
8 years old??? Sure about that? Colonel Lee was a Barton distilled product that faded away and appears to have recently been brought back by Sazerac since they bought Barton. It is a bottom shelfer and mostly distributed in 80 proof but The Sazerac web site also shows a 100 proof being distributed in 750ml. I don't know if the current 100 proof is being labelled as a bottled in bond as it used to be? If your bottle is stated as 8 years old I'm guessing you have a 100 proof and private retail bottling from Total Wine perhaps?

Sazerac also distributes Colonel Lee and Tom Moore as a blended "light" whiskey