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That said, I thought that a good spicy maduro cigar went really nicely with WTRR, or Bulleit. OGD 114 was another good cigar bourbon (it's good for everything, imo).

A milder cigar is nice with a wheater- kind of like dessert for the smoker / drinker.

Great. Now I'm getting homesick.

I dont think the search for finding the right combinations can be overstated. The wrong combinations have come of awful to me, but when done correctly, a good bourbon stogie pairing verges on the sublime! I agree the 114 makes a fabulous go to stogie bourbon as well, I have enjoyed it on many an occasion with the likes of PSD 4's or a La Flor Dominicana double ligero. Do you have any suggestions to pair with a wheater, as I have found most of what I own to overpower them to an extent?