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    New from South Eastern PA

    Figured I have gotten my feet wet enough and enjoyed the site enough to say a hello... Got bitten by the bourbon bug by a trip to Finger Lakes distilling, bought a few bottles of gin and one bottle of their bourbon..needless to say the bourbon did not last long. Have been hitting the local stores pretty hard recently searching for a few dusty treasures and some current production treasures. Looks like I will be enjoying this hobby for a long time to come. Would love to share a pour or two with anybody local to my area!!

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    Northville, MI

    Re: New from South Eastern PA

    Howdy and welcome from Michigan.

    Best regards, Tony

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    Northern Indiana

    Re: New from South Eastern PA

    Welcome. I haven't made to Finger Lakes Distilling yet, but I'd like to. The bug can bite from a lot of different places.

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    Re: New from South Eastern PA

    Welcome to the boards! I'm in NEPA.

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    Re: New from South Eastern PA

    Greetings! I'm from just outside Lancaster, PA. Where are you located in SE PA?
    Michter's Distillery, Inc. DSP-PA-17 Schaefferstown, PA.
    Until Wednesday Feb. 14th, 1990, Michter's was "The whiskey that warmed the revolution."

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    Re: New from South Eastern PA

    I am in Kennett Square

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    Re: New from South Eastern PA

    Hey, I'm in Reading. Why don't we hook up, meet and have a couple pours. PM me and I'll give you my phone number. Ethan may want to join us.
    Colonel Joseph B. "Bourbon Joe" Koch

    "Bourbon.....It's cheaper than therapy!!"

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    Re: New from South Eastern PA

    Welcome. I grew up in SE PA and live in NH now.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy SB as much as I do, many great folks and a lot of information here.


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    Re: New from South Eastern PA

    I dont' appear to have the ability to PM, I opened up my ability to receive emails from members so feel free to shoot me over an email with your phone# as I would like to meet up and try some different bottles.. Plus it will give me an excuse to open up a dusty or 2

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    Re: New from South Eastern PA

    I'm in Philly, but I make it down that way a bit since my parents live in Cecil County, MD.

    I'd love to hang out and meet some bourbon people



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