I've been lurking on the forum for a year and a half and decided I needed to step out of the shadows and say hello.

I started becoming interested in bourbon and other spirits when I started making cocktails at home a few years ago (I am also interested in wine). Since then, I've been working through different bourbons to see what I like. I am working through a bottle of EC12 bottled as a single barrel for my local liquor store. I haven't had other EC12 bottles to compare it to, but this is very nice to my tastes (and a step up from EWSB and Knob Creek that I have open at the moment). It takes me a long time to go through a bottle. I think my next selection will probably be something from Buffalo Trace.

I really appreciate reading through the threads, especially on the history (PA and MD especially) of bourbon and rye and the rise and fall in popularity through the years. There are some amazingly knowledgeable people on these boards - and hopefully I will keep learning from you all.

- Ken