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    Tasting glasses (other than Gl;encairn)

    Does anybody have a NEAT glass or a Peugeot Le Baby? How would you rate it/them compared to the Glencairn experience? The rim of Le Baby turns in but the NEAT takes a radical turn outward. (Reminds me of the shape of an old spittoon.) The latter design is supposed to lessen the hit to the nose from the alcohol.
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    Re: Tasting glasses (other than Gl;encairn)

    Quote Originally Posted by Flyfish View Post
    Does anybody have a NEAT glass or a Peugeot Le Baby? How would you rate it/them compared to the Glencairn experience?
    I've got a NEAT glass -- really not very happy with it. Everything they say about it improving the nose of high poof, etc. makes sense but in practice I still think the Gleancairn presents the nose better. I actually have a hard time getting the nose from the NEAT glass -- maybe if I filled it up more it would be more effective, but that is a temptation I probably don't need (that would lead to drinking alot more than I need -- it's a big bowl!). That is another thing I like about the Glencairn, even with a conservative pour you get the full nose through the chimney top. That big flared lip you mention on the NEAT is also kind of tricky to get used to drinking out of. I don't like the mouth/lip feel of drinking from it at all. I do like the way it looks, and I do like the way it feels feels in my hand. It's just definitely not what I prefer to drink my bourbon out of. I hardly use it anymore.
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    Re: Tasting glasses (other than Gl;encairn)

    pictures or links?

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    Re: Tasting glasses (other than Gl;encairn)

    I haven't tried either of the two glasses you mentioned but my personal taste tends toward something like the Peugeot Le Baby over the NEAT. Sorry, I find the NEAT glass to be fugly. I'd buy one anyway if I happened to encounter one, for the hell of it. It does look like a spittoon!

    I have a modest selection of good whiskey glasses and like to change 'em up every once in awhile. I gravitate towards a glass that feels good in the hand, mostly. When I do consider the nosing experience to be what I'm after, a crystal Glencairn or a crystal copita does the trick. Lately I've been using a small rocks glass with a little Mount Fuji in the base (check out a pic here:http://www.straightbourbon.com/forum...tating-glasses) just because it's so damn cool.




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