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    OYO Red Winter Wheat Whiskey from Middle West Spirits

    Anybody from Ohio (or anywhere else obv) ever try this? Saw it today, and it sounded interesting enough, but did not want to pay $45 without hearing from someone in the know first. Recommendations? Yay? Nay? Ha, to note, I actually have had this but only in icecream form. Jenni's out of Columbus uses it in some of their recipes.

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    Re: OYO Red Winter Wheat Whiskey from Middle West Spirits

    I agree that 45 bucks is steep for young whiskey of any provenance, even one from my home state.

    The flavors that I enjoy in bourbon come from time resting in the barrel so none of these young micros even cross my radar. I hope they are still around and are putting up some stuff for normal aging so that we can see how these recipes match up to the macros.
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