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The thing about a brand like Jefferson is that what would be a drop in the bucket for, say, Rittenhouse, is a year's inventory for Jefferson, it's such a small brand. ... in any given season, somebody like Heaven Hill (or anybody) may need to make a small inventory adjustment, and that's all the Zoellers need for Jefferson's.
Is that true? You know the numbers, and I don't, so I'll defer to your expertise. But speaking anecdotally, I'd have guessed the opposite. In the past 18 months or so, I've been to Chicago, Florida, Buffalo, and NYC twice. Almost every liquor store I go into has Jefferson's Rye. Not so much Rittenhouse.

Regarding the label, FWIW the lady at WhiskeyFest mentioned something about a paper label stuck on the bottle which mentions chill-filtering (can't remember if it was or wasn't). In any case, bottles with the label are filled with Canadian Rye, without the labels are from KY.