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Man, what a Whiskey. It's marries the minty/spice of young rye with the warm vanilla/oak of elder Rye, but then it adds a fat sweetness, the likes of which I just don't get on other Ryes. I love Vintage 21, Hirsch 22 and 25, Black Maple 23, Saz 18, but none of them can touch this one, IMHO. Also, while I do drink more Bourbon than Rye, I don't think VWFRR can be touched by any category.

I've had some rare bottlings that I've enjoyed more, possibly, but they're either dusty or one-offs. Dare I say that I think this is the finest, current regular-release whiskey of them all. Yeah, I like it.
I pretty much agree with what White Dog says. I love the VWFRR, but rarely pour it because of its scarcity. It's a terrific whiskey though!