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    Re: BOTM: 7/12 Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye

    Reading this thread makes me glad I found one in little old London town, its nearing half empty now and I doubt i'll manage to secure another bottle any time soon, it is up there with the best I've sampled though.
    The water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whiskey. By diligent effort, I learned to like it.
    -- Winston Churchill

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    Re: BOTM: 7/12 Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye

    I passed on a bottle last fall and have been kicking myself ever since. I may have been ill that day.

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    I have never seen a bottle for sale around Boston. A friend of mine in Wisconsin found some last fall and got me a bottle.

    At the end of June I rode my motorcycle out to Wisconsin to pick it up. But I haven't opened it yet.

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    Re: BOTM: 7/12 Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye

    My favorite whiskey. Unfortunately I no longer have a bottle to enjoy for his months BOTM. I finished the only bottle I have ever found on a retail shelf about 3 months ago.

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    Re: BOTM: 7/12 Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye

    I would buy any/every bottle of this available if I could. It's delicious, lip smacking, mouth watering goodness in a bottle. I like SW & Pappy stuff well enough, but aside from Weller Centennial, I don't go ga ga for it like most - it's just really good whiskey, but I prefer ryed bourbons & smokey scotch. This one is the whiskey that converted me to American booze and made me a hoarder.

    I blame VWFRR for making me what I am today in terms of whisk(e)y obsession. I've only got a couple of bottles on hand (because I drink them!), but I try to stock up with 2-3 more bottles every fall.

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    Re: BOTM: 7/12 Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye

    VWFRR is such a delicious whiskey and in my top 5. It has really great complexity and is a smooth sipper; I also think the proof is perfect for this bottle. If I had to be picky, I do wish there was a tad more rye component showing a bit more spice and a little less sweetness, but perhaps its bourbon-like qualities are what has made VWFRR so well-liked. The great thing is that unlike the equally amazing Vintage 21, this one is still being released!
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    Re: BOTM: 7/12 Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye

    This is one of my favorites also..It stands right there next to Pappy 20..It's a shame that there is none out there and last weeks release might be the lowest I have seen in Louisville stores in quite some time...Not sure what they are trying to do..would love to have a bottle of this stuff..



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