Yesterday Josh aka Josh rolled into Napoleon from Royal Oak and we hit the road to Battle Creek to take in a tour of Arcadia Ales.

Here she is, I have never been to downtown Battle Creek, it's a good looking town, cereal business must be good.
Arcadia Brewing Company was established in 1996 as a microbrewery specializing in handcrafted British-style ales. All of our beers are produced in small batches, and our 25 Barrel Peter Austin Brewery and methods originated in England, which allows this style of beer to reflect over 250 years of world class brewing heritage.
In addition to brewing on authentic British equipment, Arcadia uses only the finest malted barley from England, and when combined with the freshest hops from the Pacific Northwest of our United States, and our legendary Ringwood yeast, the result is some of the best and freshest handcrafted ales available, on any continent.

We got to see Brewster (females are not called Brewmasters) Stacey Roth in action. Here she is emptying to grain tank.
Did you know that in its early beginnings, beer was made only by the midwives and nurses that brewed medicines and tonics from plants and roots? A large number of these women - brewsters, alewives or midwives - were also listed as witches and were condemned to death. It wasn't until 1445 that the first "men only" brewer's guild was established. By the mid 19th Century, brewing became a man's world and that's predominantly how it remains today.

Here is the spent grains. Barley on the right, hops front left and orange & coriander back left.
I coulndn't resist to taste the hops, they were fairly bland as expected, they have been boiled and the flavor went to the beer.
They give this to a local farmer to feed his cows and the farmer pays them back with a cow every year. Fresh steaks!

Behind the wooden cooker you can see the fire pit opening in the brick covered kettle.

Had to get up on a ladder to look into the fermentor, nasty looking.

Here is the bottling line, bad pic, I didn't get the feeder and sanitizer on the right.
It is a 1957 RC Cola bottlling line.

The canning line is also a used one, they got it from Maui Brewing.
They now can do a whole 300 cans in an hour!

I don't recall his name but a person applied for a job at Arcadia and in the interview he said he used to work at Maui Brewery. They said follow us and showed him the canning line, he freaked, he used to operate it.
They were having trouble with it and he said you have to put a Yoda doll on it and sure enough in a couple of hours it worked smooth.

To be continued,...