Alright guys, rather than clutter up the "What Is Everyone Smoking?" thread I decided to start a new thread for this.

Here's the deal: I know a little about cigars. But I'm still overwhelmed whenever I go into the big walk-in humidor at Liquor Barn here in Lexington. I didn't go to Liquor Barn today to get cigars but I always stop in the humidor to have a look around. And I'll be honest, I used to think that Acid's were "the shit." But I've since learned from reading here in the smokes section on SB that they're really not. So I'm trying to learn more and be more serious about cigar smoking. Only thing is, it's something I rarely do so I can't really justify the cost of a humidor, etc. (at least, not at this point!). So I perused the humidor at the Barn today and one thing I've read in the past is that Padron is a good brand. So I had a look around and thankfully Liquor Barn had a few shelf-talkers to help me out. I ended up going with two Padron 2000's. One natural and one maduro. They were like $4.99 each. Then I went higher-end Padron. Also picked up two 1964 Anniversary's. Again, one natural and one maduro. I want to see if I prefer natural wrappers over maduro wrappers. So that's the reason for one of each. Now, I have two different types of cutters. A guillotine cutter and a punch cutter. Which do you guys think is better? Should I start with a 2000 and then later try a 1964?