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Today I picked up a 6 of Snake Dog India Pale Ale from the fine folks at Flying Dog Ales of Fredrick, MD.
Good IPA, weighs in at 7.1%ABV & 60IBU.
It is a worthy brother of MI fine IPA's and better than the ones I have had from CO & CA.
This leads me to a question.
Back in the early to mid 1990's there was a micro brewer in Fredrick, MD.
I took the tour and afterwards got to sample their wheat beer, it was the best I ever had.
But what ever happened to Fredrick Brewery?
Did they become Flying Dog?
This just in from Erin Biles, Public Relations Manager of Flying Dog Ales,...

Hey Oscar,

The physical building aside, Flying Dog has no connection to Frederick Brewing Company.

Erin Biles
Public Relations Manager