Smooth Ambler, Greenbrier County, WV, will be releasing a new 14 year old "curated" straight bourbon next week ... They are calling it Very Old Scout. The info they sent me via Facebook follows ...

VERY OLD SCOUT. Today we're proud to introduce our latest offering in the Old Scout line of whiskeys - Very Old Scout - a 14 year old Low-Rye Bourbon. Our search to find unique and amazing whiskey continues with this smooth, sweet, mature bourbon. This is in LIMITED SUPPLY folks, and will be available at the Distillery next Friday, and in distribution to other areas shortly after.

BTW, I like these people. The distillery is near Lewisburg, WV and very visitor friendly. They also have "bottling parties" ... Kind of a cool idea and my family likes to participate.

Just wanted to highlight something happening in good o'l Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia!