F. Paul Pacult's 2nd annual 'Spirit Journal 100' list is out, celebrating the best whiskeys, brandies, liquers and white spirits 'currently available' in America.

The 1st Bourbon on this multiple spirits competition is:

Wild Turkey's Kentucky Spirit (ranked # 14), "Simply put, still the finest American whiskey one can buy at this moment in time. A genuine clinic on what to do with corn, rye, barley, water, yeast, oak barrels and a still."

Next up was Weller's 12y (# 20), "One of the U.S. premier whiskeys. A wheated masterpiece that should be in every serious collection." 2nd year in a row in top 20.

Ranked 25th was Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage '93. "Like the '92, the '93 shows unbelievable majesty and depth. This edition is slightly more fruity and gentle than the huskier '92. Buy several."

Eagle Rare 17y (# 39) and VW's 13y Rye (# 43) were the only other U.S. whiskeys in his 'Top 100 Spirits' list.

Pacult: "What makes this list so prestigious, is that it's the first of its kind to recognize the 'best of the best' spirits due only to quality and availability. Price was not a factor. Past glory was not a factor. 'Is top notch, true benchmark quality in the bottle right now?' was the sole question we asked."

Well Paul, with just 5 bourbons making your 100 list, I beg you to rethink your question and focus on the tasting.