Hello, All this talk about Bourbon, pants, metamucil, psyllium. reminds me of a very fond summer day back in 1969. I was spending my summer in Boulder Colorado. I am 53 this coming April. I was 21 at the time and was not against getting high that was just one of the things a 21 yr old free spirit did back then. I was with a friend of mine his name was Ron. Well after a little attitude adjusting we got a real big hunger pain coming on so we head over to the local Toco stand and wolfed down a bunch of 19 cent bean burritos. Later that night my friend Ron starts to getting all kinda of farts going from the beans. All of a sudden he turn the lights out and says watch this. He takes his pants off, leaving on his underwear. ( I am not that way) And takes his cigarette lighter and lays on his back and curls his butt up in the air and started to light a fart on fire. I almost died laughing he actually did it. I mean he cuts this silent fart holds the lighter near his butt and puff a big flame shoots out. What a riot. I told my wife about this one time and she said no way. So it got me to thinking maybe thisafternoon I will eat some kidney beans and go to Taco bell and get a couple bean burritos and come home and wash it all down with some 126 proof Bookers. Maybe if I am lucky I might be able to light one just to prove to my wife its possible. My question is this. If I drink 126 Porrf Bookers what color should the flame be?. For the record I have been straight for many many years dont want you to get the wrong impression of old Creggor. Ha.Ha.