I have collected many VOF, VVOF from the 40's-70's. I have a fairly good knowledge of the bottles.

This looks like a 50-60's era Very Old Fitzgerald that has had the front and back labels removed. Also the paper neck ring below the foil is missing. Typically there would have been a paper ring that stated '8 years old' or '12 years old' etc. It looks like it has been ripped off.

The top of the foil with black cap sticking thru is correct for this bottle.

The Box and glasses are the standard presentation box that both VOF and VVOF could have came in. There are also green boxes and I think I have a yellow box.

Although it's hard for me to believe, i do have to say that I think the whole front label could be fake. It has very crisp die cuts and the label look like rather thick stock, not typical to a S/W label. Also the browning seems odd. The Tax Strip and top of bottle and tax stamps show significant age/wear, while the label doesn't. The browning on the label looks like color not age. What blows my mind is why someone would go to the trouble to make this fake label with all the gold embossing etc.

In any event I don't think this is anything but a standard VOF.