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    Fantastic 3-part Vat

    Had a few experiment ideas that I wanted to test in some small glass bottles and I came up with a most surprisingly delicious blend!

    The blend is 3 equal parts, so it's easy to make in any size bottle.


    • Thomas H. Handy Sazerac (2011)
    • George T. Stagg (2010)
    • 4 Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 2011

    It has the most surprisingly sweet nose. I left it vatting for a week thus far. It could get better, but I don't think so since it's very high ABV.

    The idea was that the sweet citrus notes in the Saz compliments the 4R and the GTS tames the spice notes from 4R while balancing out the young heat from the other two whiskeys.
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