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Good Evening Chip. I did want to revisit this statement, but I wanted to wait because I didn't want my question to come off as abraisive or attacking, as I assure you my intent is only to understand. Above in point number two, I added italics and bold type to a statement you made. While I can appreciate that continous improvement is key to the manufacture of any product, how do you balance that with consistancy - particularly on a product that is very subjective and individually biased in grading quality.

If I were in your position, I would be concerned that someone would love my 2010 version, but after a few "improvements", might not like the 2013 edition nearly as much. Or they might like it equally as well, but notice that it is different and might not "chance it" on future releases. I think I would be concerned that the next batch is the same as the first, not "better" than the first.

I hope you find time to answer, and again I'm not trying to be critical, only to better understand your operations and the industry in general.
We still aim to achieve a house profile and while there may be slight variation between batches, I don't believe the change could be so dramatic that it would turn someone away.

Variation is the nature of small batch and single barrel whiskey. I believe Brown-Forman actively promotes the idea that there will be variation between batches/barrels of WR and JDSB and I don't hear about them losing customers over it

To that effect, I recently got to do a side by side of our first ever batch of Single Malt (11-1) against the newest (13-2). While I will freely admit there is a difference, I didn't find it to be startling or otherwise disconcerting. The newest batch was an improvement for sure, one I have no doubt a consumer would appreciate. And the first batch was not a bad whisky by any means, I enjoyed both.