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    BOTM 8/12: Eagle Rare 10 Year 101 Proof

    I had a hard time choosing a BOTM this month. I did have a couple in mind, but decided not to do either one of those. I'm glad I didn't. It just so happens that ER 101 has been brought up lately in conversation or correspondence that I've had with a couple of members. I could have sworn it was BOTM once. I had to look twice when I saw that it hadn't been. So, we're gonna pull a dusty out of the hat for everyone this month. The BOTM for this month is ER 101.

    My thoughts. I've been lucky enough to have all three versions of ER 101; Lawrenceberg, New Orleans, and Frankfort. (For some of you new folks, ER 101 was made at more than one place.) IMHO, all versions are good. I usually don't post pictures with the BOTM, but I did this time. One to show the bottle, and another to show the label on the back of the bottle. I know that the subject of advertising has been brought up here on the site occasionally. I thought about that when I saw the label on the back of the bottle. Take a look at that pic. Draw your own conclusions. As far as the taste goes, I do think ER 101 is one of the better bourbons ever made. It's definitely in my top five. Some folks will agree with me, some won't. Just my opinion. To me it's one of those rare bourbons that has a truly great balance. There's a bit of sweetness to it, while at the same time a touch of spice. Maybe a combo of brown sugar and cinnamon, amongst other flavors. It also has the right amount of what I call "oak and smoke". You can taste a little wood and smoke, but not so much so that those flavors overpower everything else. Add to that a semi-viscous texture for the finishing touch. There you have it, a rich, flavorful, 101 proof bourbon. Overall one darn fine pour. As I'm sure others will agree, too bad it's no longer being produced. Cheers y'all, and happy posting! Joe
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