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    Do You Drink AT Bars?

    I know most of you have bourbon collections that would embarrass most bars.

    However, do you ever go out and drink just to enjoy the experience of those around you?

    My real question is: What do you expect to pay for a glass of bourbon.

    Top Shelf
    Second Shelf

    What would you think was a great deal on each of those?

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    Re: Do You Drink AT Bars?

    around here, in south carolina, where we still use mini bottles that are l.75 oz. 4.50 to 5.00 is standard for most bourbons . when you get into bookers and super premium you can go to6.00 to 8.00. I went out with my sons a few weeks ago in Wash. DC and Hirsch was 16.00 a drink.

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    Re: Do You Drink AT Bars?

    I normally only drink at bars when I am out of town on business.

    Top shelf: I once paid $11 for a healthy shot of Van Winkle Pappy 20-year old. It was worth every penny.

    Mid-shelf: $5 to $8.

    Well: I don't drink well pours.


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    Re: Do You Drink AT Bars?

    I drink at bars only when I am forced to go to one.

    Top Shelf.... $7-$10
    Medium $4.50 - $7
    Well $2.50 - $4.50

    I do not drink well Burbon straight but can take it with a coke if I need to. I drank some fine top shelf Bourbon in DC and I can not remember what I paid. It was both too much and worth every penny.

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    Re: Do You Drink AT Bars?

    Most of the bars, when they are not watering their drinks (see my post on Old Dan Tucker for details. . .) the majority of bars around here carry JD Black, JB White, WT 80 and if you are lucky Old Grandad 86 (and quite overpriced I might add). If I wanted to go to Applebee's or Red Lobster I could add Maker's Mark to the list.All are priced between $4-$5.50 a glass. Needless to say when I am enjoying myself in a bar, I have beer (Great Lakes Brewing makes a great lager served locally, suprisinly enough, called "The Eliot Ness", and thats what I have.).


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    Re: Do You Drink AT Bars?

    I generally do not drink at bars other than when I'm on vacation. On those occassions, I look for regional micro-brews that I can't get at home. When at home, I may order a beer when I'm out for dinner.


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    Re: Do You Drink AT Bars?

    Almost never bourbon. The best premium bourbon you'll find in most bars around here is Knob Creek, which I could take or leave. For $10 a glass I'll leave it.

    Normally I go for the darkest beer they serve...preferably a porter, stout, or black & tan.

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    Re: Do You Drink AT Bars?

    I too live in the control state of Ohio and I must agree with Murphydawg that our choices in Bars - and liquor stores also - are very limited. 90% of the bars I have ever been in in this state have just Jim Beam White, Jack Daniels(I know, not a bourbon, but when I mention this to bartenders I just get blank stares)Wild Turkey 101 and Makers Mark. The most frequent well bourbons are Old Crow and Ten High. However many bars/bartenders when you ask for a well bourbon or mixed drink such as a Manhattan, frequently use blends such as Seagrams 7 or Calvert and dont know or dont care that this is not bourbon. The only Rye I have ever seen in a Ohio bar is Old Overholt. In short, I drink bourbon at home where I get what I want the way I want it. Generally a well bourbon will cost $4m/l and say a Wild Turkey about $5. When I drink in bars it is usually good draft beer. I really wish we had more selection - I have been to the Galt House in Louisville,Ky where they have 125 bourbons and it was alot of fun. In a perfect world every bar would have Buffalo Trace.

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    Re: Do You Drink AT Bars?

    I don't go to a lot of bars, and rarely the most expensive ones. I would say I usually pay between $4 and $7 for a call bourbon, depending on the place and the bourbon. I never drink well bourbon. The selection usually isn't great. As this is Jim Beam's hometown, the Small Batch Collection is usually represented. I typically have Baker's or Knob Creek. Jim Beam Black shows up surprisingly often around here and I may have that. Otherwise it's Wild Turkey 101, Maker's Mark or Old Grand-Dad. In a pinch, I will drink Jack or Jim, but if it comes to that I'll probably start checking out the beers on offer, or have a Jameson's or Johnnie Walker Black.

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    Re: Do You Drink AT Bars?

    I would wager that most of the folks know what I drink when at a bar...Well, the fact is I don't go that often...When I do...it's usually business..

    The only time that I go to a bar to have a good time is after the Heaven Hill Christmas party...We "try" ta drink the distillery dry...Then, we stager over to The Holiday Inn Bar and Lounge...(now Day's Inn) and drink them dry...I don't havta buy anything...There is usually one sittin in front of me by the time I finish the one in my hand...compliments of "friends"...To be honest...I don't have a clue on what they cost...or what kind of drinks they were...Mind you, I only do this once a year...Cause I end up donin this

    Yep, ya otta go to a Heaven Hill Christmas Party...ain't nothin like it



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