Hey there, I was with the wife at a high end local restaurant. They usually have a bunch of Creative Drinks and Menu items. Anyhow, I was there last weekend and they had a Smoked Margarita on the menu. So I chatted up the bar keep who seemed to be really proud of the drink and he filled me in on the process of smoking booze and the history of this drink in general. Needless to say, curiosity got the best of me and i order a round. Mentioning to the barkeep, I like maragritas but am very particular with how they are made. Basically I can not stand the sticky sweet sour mix and order them with an anejo, a splash of Grand Marnier and 2 limes. He told me to give his recipe a shot so I defer to his recommendation.

Upon the arrival of the drink I could dsitinctively smell the smoke, it was definitely forefront but, not overpowering. I take a sip and the thing was entirely too sweet for my palate but, the smokiness of the tequila had me intriuged so I choke back the maragrita tell the barkeep it ws not my bag but The tequila really interested me. I ask him to give me a dram of the smoked tequila straight up. The tequila in question was milagro anejo a decent tequila but, not particullarly one of my favorites. Upon getting the rocks glass the nose was very interesting the twang and slight vanilla ofthe anejo were present but were intermingled quite nicely with the smokiness. Taking a sip and rolling it on the toungue I began to pick up the standard tequila profile backed by a smokey finish. It was really pretty good. I mentioned this to the bartender that I liked it but, that the smokiness might be best partnered with a bold bourbon. He told me that next weeks drink will be a smoked manhattan with Woodford Reserve.

Anyhow, I plan to go back and try this. I was wondering has anyone every heard or tried a smoked bourbon? Seems like something that the bourbon whores here, no offense I include myself in this category, here might have experimented with or tried?

I will be certain to post my followup thoughts this weekend if I can coax the wife away from the kiddos for a beverage this weekend.