I bought this one a couple of hours ago on a lark at Hi-Times in Costa Mesa (I was in the neighborhood, I needed some WT Rye, one think led to another, etc.), and now here I am, sipping it neat and wondering what the heck it is.

It surely doesn't taste like any other whisk(e)y I've ever tasted, except maybe The Macallan 12 year-old. The lable speaks of several flavors, of which apricot is the only one that is obvious to me.

It's so sweet that if I were to use it in a Manhattan, I would consider using dry vermouth to avoid adding unnecessary sweetness.

It just came to me what it reminds me of, Appleton Estate Extra rum. I would not believe it came from grain or had ever spent time in charred oak, except that the label says so.

After my third pour, I just now realized that this is the darkest tinted bottle I can recall. It's as brown as a hydrogen peroxide bottle. (In sharp contrast, the whiskey is a light, straw color.) It will be hard to tell by looking how much is left in the bottle.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield